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Earth Soldier: #earthsoldierbook

By Don Robinson, Environmental Lifestyle Assistant

Located at the core of most human struggles are a wealth of lessons we receive by way of the bonds that define relationships. These bonds link us to people, ambitions and ultimately to our life’s purpose. This book is a brief exploration of relationships with people and the natural environment. Our relationship with the environment is more than symbolic. The relationship is a genetic map expanding back to a time when humanity viewed the earth as a partner and not an adversary. We’ve adapted the worldview born from a small tribe of people or group of thinkers. Our existence depends on how we fix this perspective and return to humanity’s indigenous relationship with the natural environment.

Let us combine the wisdom passed on from our ancestors about nature with the ingenuity of a competent 21st-century society and provide solutions to the problems our communities are facing. The content on this website and in the book Earth Soldier is engaged in a conscious battle to make space in your mind for awakening your own Earth Soldier.

The Content Layout:

The information on this site is configured to inform the reader and present a timeline of how the social media conversations about climate-related issues and other social dynamics have evolved over the last several years. Pay attention to the dates of the articles that you are reading. How far have we come? How has the conversation changed? Many of these articles were published many years ago. Compare what you read here to what’s in your social media stream today. We need action. We need solutions. Since the topic of climate change is complex, the solution must be holistic.

In my opinion, trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle can motivate us to acquire knowledge. Knowledge acquisition can lead to a heightened awareness of our surroundings. We need your time, ideas, and support to create a healthy ecosystem that sustains a healthy exchange of ideas and actions that supports an all-inclusive Green initiative. This makes sense because we are all included in this destiny with Earth.

My Action Plan:

My goal is to create a virtual reality model from a custom virtual reality SDK that illustrates the changes our communities must make in counties, towns, and cities in response to climate change and other social issues. Sign up for Earth Soldier alerts and I will send you important updates and articles along with ideas surrounding a plan of action. Continue to educate friends, family, community and ourselves. On April 21, 2018, let's start the process of creating an experience that changes the conversation surrounding climate change and substance abuse first in local communities and then around the country. Take action and join Earth Soldier alerts. The target date for launching this campaign is April 21st, 2018.

Visit Our Virtual Reality Tweets Library:

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  • There is a host of social issues I’m passionate about. Communities should have access to clean water and chemical free food at a reasonable cost. Our team is focusing on facilitating conversations that lead to action. What's obvious is communities feeling the impact of climate change, substance abuse, and related challenges are positioned to offer the best solutions. The question is how to provide these communities with access to a set of tools that help lay the foundation for building a repository of 21st-century solutions?

    What does rehab counselors, politicians, programmers, mothers, community activist, and environmental engineers have in common? These groups are all solution providers. We want these community residents and leaders to understand the urgency surrounding climate change, substance abuse, and disconnected communities. We believe virtual reality technology can help us accomplish this seemingly impossible logistical problem.

    How do we get the right people, the right experience that generates the right questions and forms important bonds of empathy at the right time? Let’s give a community of developers and supporters access to the materials needed to quickly create these virtual reality experiences. The materials are referred to as SDKs. These SDKs are used by technology companies like Google, Facebook and others all of the time. Why don’t we use this technology for making a measurable social impression?

    SDK Project Participation Survey

    Virtual Reality:

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    Health and Wellness:

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